Discussion Notes

Reflections on the History of and Idea - Can the Subaltern Speak?As a class, we discussed a selection of critical essays from Rosalind C. Morris’s edited collection, Reflections on the History of and Idea: Can the Subaltern Speak?. Working in groups, students team-taught these essays and created infographics based on their discussion notes. These infographics thus highlight the contents of the critical essays as well as the trajectory of our class discussions.


On Ritu Birla’s “Postcolonial Studies: Now That’s History”

On Drucilla Cornell’s “The Ethical Affirmation of Human Rights: Gayatri Spivak’s Intervention”

On Rajeswari Sunder Rajan’s “Death and the Subaltern”

On Pheng Cheah’s “Biopower and the New International Division of Reproductive Labor”

On Gayatri Spivak’s “In Response: Looking Back, Looking Forward”

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