A Burden Conferred

By Veda Agarwal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2D1Wn0l9-28 A Burden Conferred It’s a baby girl, says the Doctor, and simultaneously faces fall. Her father beats his palm against his forehead, her mother’s heart sinks down, down into the womb that is now empty of her creation. “How will we pay for her dowry?” This is the question they ask,… Continue reading A Burden Conferred


Subalternity in the Face of Economic Inequality

By Veda Agarwal, Maggie Salazar, and Nicole Tansey Subaltern women’s conditions are altered by their economic status, yet subalternity itself is not determined by economics. Although subaltern women of higher economic status often have stronger familial support and more influence over lower status individuals, they are nonetheless subaltern due to their gender. Women of all… Continue reading Subalternity in the Face of Economic Inequality