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An Imperfect Solution: Education as an Amplifier for Agency

By Rylie Geohegan and Jessica Copenhaver In her discussion of improving the agency of the subaltern, Gayatri Spivak states, “I think of education as a supplement…” (“In Response” 232). This statement—which is part of a reflection on her famous essay, “Can the Subaltern Speak?,” an essay that opened discussion on the marginalization of women in… Continue reading An Imperfect Solution: Education as an Amplifier for Agency

Becoming the Other

By Evi Salguero and Melody Shellman Through a process of othering, individuals are made into subaltern subjects or the Other. Though there are different methods of othering, all change the way subaltern subjects, including subaltern women,  express themselves. Examples from postcolonial literature show that this othering process negatively affects a subaltern woman’s subject formation and… Continue reading Becoming the Other

Subalternity in the Face of Economic Inequality

By Sal Ayris, Maggie Salazar, and Nicole Tansey Subaltern women’s conditions are altered by their economic status, yet subalternity itself is not determined by economics. Although subaltern women of higher economic status often have stronger familial support and more influence over lower status individuals, they are nonetheless subaltern due to their gender. Women of all… Continue reading Subalternity in the Face of Economic Inequality